Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With many mergers and acquisitions taking place in the forest industry, how will Carrier be able to compete against the larger producers in the future?
We believe our success will continue to be our ability to consistently produce high quality lumber. Also our ability to react quickly to changing needs has earned a solid reputation with our customers. In this way, Carrier will become a "specialty commodity" producer.
How is the mountain pine beetle affecting Carrier?
We have upgraded all our mills to handle the smaller diameter pine while still maintaining our high quality standards. In addition, we are actively acquiring timber assets that are not in mountain pine beetle affected areas. All of those initiatives will ensure a long term future for Carrier.
What is Carrier's opinion on the Softwood Lumber Agreement with the US and what affect will it have on Carrier?
While the agreement is not perfect, we are pleased that it has leveled the playing field by having all producers pay the same amount of export tax. In addition, we continue to actively seek other markets and continue to strengthen our position in the Canadian market.